Listing out few things/moments that is nothing but sheer happiness .

Happiness =

  • glowing sunrise
  • the gentle breeze
  • trees in various hues
  • smile on the face of a street urchin
  • first drops of rain
  • hot glass of cutting chai
  • hugs from friends
  • walking barefoot on dew laden grass
  • building sand castles
  • sounds of the waves
  • exploring how things work
  • good conversations
  • happy people
  • gratifying work day
  • getting to know a friend better
  • challenges conquered
  • a lovely read
  • a beautiful film
  • moments with self
  • ….
Will keep adding to the list and updating this post.
In the meanwhile would love to hear from the readers their list of happiness moments in day-to day lives.
So, let  the comments pour in !

Adios 2011

Dear 2011,Begin to hope.

Adios !

You  will always be remembered with great fondness.

You gave me precious moments with loved ones which I shall cherish forever.

Gifted me new friends.

Ushered in joys anew.

Showed me the other facet of life – Death & Closure.

Gave me the joy of knowing new life and fresh beginnings.

Every day was a new start

a new experience

a new learning

Thank you for helping me ‘find’ myself 🙂

Yours truly!

Just around the corner

Each dawn I embark upon this journey.
The journey of my eternal hunt for happiness.

Today it took me for a walk
pounds i thought i would shed,
stress i thought that would melt
with the distance that i traverse on the path.

Spurts of speed and brisk
spaced with some slow down
is what the guideline said.

we humans follow guidelines to the tee, don’t we?

breathe in, breathe out
the final lap of the walk.

Today with each breathe i savoured something more than clean air.
the giggle of a street urchin
the smile of a mother
the laughter of the Gen Old
the rustle of the leaves
the dew on the grass
the whiff from the flowers.

Today, did the journey  get over even before it started?
Did I just end my hunt today ?

I suppose, it usually waits for me each day
Just around the corner!

Things ‘just happen’

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I belong to that school of thought which strongly believes that,

There are no good or bad people. There are only incompatible individuals.”

This no where presumes that an individual’s actions may not cause hurt to another individual. ( Let’s leave terrorists and criminals out of this conversation..I am talking about human beings like you and me🙂

What is most important here is that the intention behind the action was not one which had an agenda for causing hurt or pain to the other individual.

I am told that the hurt or pain ‘just happens’ due to expectations .

Agree, that the root cause for most moments of hurt  is ‘expectations’.

But, never really understood how things ‘just happen’.

Every action is initiated by a thought, and when a thought arises one has the option either to exercise the thought into an action or let the thought be.

The moment we choose to exercise either of the two , we are making a conscious choice and things are not ‘just happening’. We have chosen to respond to the situation a particular manner.

During a conversation session a friend had stated something very powerful, which resurfaces each day in my mind.He had stated that responsibility is “the ability to respond”.

The question that I face today is –

How am I going to respond when things ‘just happen’ ?

A Night of Prayer

Living all my life in a cosmopolitan city of ‘my ever developing country’ (barring the few years in so-called ‘developed countries’) has thankfully given me a broader understanding of the concept of ‘prayer’.

Starting from the month of August until April, almost every month of the calendar has a celebration/festival associated with diverse religions in India. Each of these festivals essentially celebrates the gifts of nature, the victory of good over evil or merely reveres the Divine. Each celebration serves as an opportunity to reflect and retrospect upon our day-to-day behavior or should I rather say ‘day to day operations’, because I think we live in a world that thrives on operational value. Each celebration essentially has a ritual of offering ‘prayer’.

My notion of transacting prayer defies the traditional methods, but I believe my parents have been able to pass on the very essence of a prayer pretty effectively.

And today, as a dear friend spends a night praying, few questions arise in my mind.

What is my idea of prayer?
What does it mean to me?

As a child whenever in doubt with regards to the meaning of a word or concept have thrived upon dictionaries and encyclopedia , but today used the ‘lazy –easy’ way, Microsoft word’s function of right-click on the word ‘pra

yer’ and ta da…pops the following synonyms:-


Interestingly, all the above meanings have a lot to do with ‘asking’.

With time, I guess have moved on from the level of ‘plea’ to ‘appeal’

From the level of ‘request’ to ‘desire’

From the level of ‘wish’ to ‘hope’.

Today, prayer for me is the form in which I express my gratitude , express my message.

Like other beings of my species, I use my special code to communicate with the Divine and convey my thanks (not that it is expected or protocol demands 🙂 )
While I pen this down a thought comes by…How does the Divine communicate back to me (because my logical mind definitely goes by the definition of communication being a two-way complete process where feedback is essential 🙂 )

I guess, the divine communicates to me each day in different ways.

Each day when I am blessed with the gift of a new sunrise and the bounty of nature.

The Prayer Cycle

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Each day when I get to spend precious time with my wonderful family and friends.

Each day when I get the opportunity to return the gifts endowed to me to this world in the form of my work.

Each day when an ex-student writes back or sends a message of regard , appreciation or an SOS for help!

Each day when I am gifted with an opportunity to make a difference.

Each day when I receive the unconditional protection and love from the Divine .

Our communication process does have the essential elements of the communication cycle, the receiver, the sender, the message & the feedback.

The encoding of this message is what I send in the form of  a ‘prayer’.

And the decoding & feedback of this message is what I call a ‘blessing’ !

baby steps

the journey of life begins with one taking ‘baby steps’  towards ‘growing up’!

but once you are a ‘grown-up’ , the concept of baby steps seem to dissolve in the crazy frenzy of a hectic life.

there comes a time when you pause and stop,then turn around and see that you have a come a long way.

Little did you realise that there were many other tiny paths which you missed while you were on the sprint.

the road is still long and unwinding.

the slopes are steep, the bumps are many.

isn’t  it time to ask… is there where you really want to go?

may be…just may be you need to tread a different path , explore a newer route , enjoy the journey  rather than worry about reaching the destination…you never know, may be these ‘baby steps’ that you take, leads to an unimagined newer pasture !

Timely jolts

When we were kids, it was very common for the power (electricity) to be gone on Fridays  in the area where we lived.  Some of us were happy that there wasn’t any power , some were sad as the National television would telecast the most happening things around the world on that day, some of us oblivious to the fact that power made a difference to our lives.

I was always fascinated by the absence of power and the return of it as well.

The absence of power meant that I could light candles, make animal shadows on walls with my fingers against the candle light, and have conversations with siblings about the various insects that the candle light would attract. In short, be carefree yet be responsible, be relaxed yet persistent in prayer to invoke the Gods to allow the return of power (Trust me, we were conditioned to do that, until we de-conditioned ourselves with logic 🙂 )

The return of power for me meant getting back to doing homework, getting back to being diligent. It signified to me of seeing things as they are, rather than how I imagined them to be during the absence of power.  It was like a jolt which grounded me back to reality!

Little did I realize that I had locked away this memory in the treasure chest for a while.

In a way glad that life offers timely jolts and not just gentle reminders about the essence of ‘power’ of different forms in our lives.

The only difference this time is that  the jolts aren’t just only on Fridays!