the quest


logged on to the office infoweb today…and right there flashed today’s quote for the day:-

Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends on the tides of mind- Alice  Meynell

that got me thinking….

what is happiness? and what is that makes the human mind happy?

too many replies surfacing in my head…so asked others what makes them happy….


chocolates… hubby… kids… books…sunrise… sleep… food… friends… family…

but the resounding essence of all the answers  was revolving  around the SELF(a very dear friend’s definition of SELF.. Supreme Evocation of Life Force)

pop up (oh there comes the questioning mind!)

what is self?  or should i ask who is this ‘self’…:)

why do we give so much importance to ‘self’ ?

how does manage this ‘self’ manage to control the happiness meter of our lives….

the duality in the nature of an individual arises when one alienates the Self with the other Self…( am I rambling…)

the ‘self’ is the EGO…the other ‘real self’ is YOU (hmm ..interesting)

in the quest to identify the ‘real self’  we walk through the journey ,striving to fulfill the never-ending demands of the ‘self’.

the search for happiness goes on…be it the ‘self’ or the ‘real self’


beginning a journey…

the most difficult part of any journey is to take that first step!

after much contemplation (read as push and shove from friends and well wishers:) taken that first step to put my thoughts out on the web.( gosh …that seems like a whole world out there assessing analysing , scrutinising what i write…:)

my apprehensions vis-à-vis blogging…what will they thinkshe writes so horriblydoes  she even know what writing is?… whole load of crap….she has a perspective to  everything….what difference will it make even if i write or not…who cares..who would read and bother give a feedback???

but somewhere today realised an important fact…procastination and fear of the unknown is the biggest demon one has to overcome.

so beginning a journey ….

a journey of the unknown…

a journey to conquer the demons!

few questions that arise in mind… ( you ask too many questions ..)

may be i will just let them be…for this one time . 

 And as Frost said…

Two roads diverged in a wood

and I – I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference