moments of delight

daily mundane routine.

‘Travel’ – nothing dramatically different for most office goers  in the city .

for me, another normal office goer,each day is different.

some days travel to work happens on a “cost saving” mode…the privilege of a company bus !

it has its moments of delight… early start for the work day….casual youth talk…sleepy heads…chomp chomp chomp noises of crispy khakras being chewed….games on the return journey…and returning back home on time !

most days travel to work happens on “personal time” extending mode…the autoride !

it has its moments of sheer pleasure….chatting with friends…sms to family…and the most fascinating part…. the lush green patch .

a country road in a city!

the trees on both sides of the roads seem to bend forward in a gentle embrace.

the gentle breeze seems to whisper sweet nothings in the ears of the farm animals.

the thick foliage …a perfect cover for the  migratory birds.

the calm and still lake …a stark contrast to the passing vehicles.

the open fields ….caressing the hills

the mud houses and kids who are still kids and not wannabe adults.

a quaint temple…with a sole pujari

the winding road seems to call the unknown traveller.

these are my moments of delight while  travelling on a road less travelled by!

and as they rightly say….for a traveller the journey is more important than the destination !


the learning never stops

meandering thoughts.

frenzy of people.

crazy lifestyles.

entangled relations.

confused emotions.

productive work.

difficult realisations.

happy moments.

tough decisions.

innovative ideas.

pleasures of life.

the only constant and continuous ingredient that binds all of it together…. learning!