Aladdin’s Magic Lamp & Jasmine

the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp from the Arabian nights always fascinated me as it took Aladdin to another place whenever he wanted(sometimes where he had to) and could still comeback to familiar surroundings . All this ,thanks to his magic lamp and the loyal genie…. Jasmine did tag along at times.

related more to Jasmine ….as she would be in awe, sometimes confused and at times bewildered by the different places and situations she was in..but at the end…the journey and exploration would be worthwhile

my shift from classroom teaching to curriculum development to training teachers and defining how teachers could use technology in classroom and how the whole learning community can stay connected with technology and add more value to the educational process and now landed in a place where I am surrounded by technology .

but what strings all of them together is the goal to create a difference in the way education is delivered.

needed to be on this roller coaster ride to understand and figure out that even in my very first teaching assignment what excited me was not the content but the methods of delivery and the challenge that there weren’t any “fixed textbook” from which I had to teach “chapters” . there was only a “framework” which one had to follow.

almost a decade now since I first stepped into the big world of education…what keeps me going is the dynamic nature of the way curriculum can be delivered.

friends , family and well-wishers were perplexed when I decided to plunge into making a career in education technology.

thanks to “gut instinct” or what I call my “forward thinking mind” realised that I wouldn’t be happy doing the same things day in an out that had zero challenge and where the intellectual growth would stagnate.

glad that I decided to use the”magic lamp” and “the magic carpet” and start of on the journey into the world of educational technology.

almost three months now on this journey and have been learning a new aspect of technology almost every single day and the beauty is how all of these can come together to serve goal Educate.

yes..the challenges are many..but the ‘will’ to overcome them is way too high!