Timely jolts

When we were kids, it was very common for the power (electricity) to be gone on Fridays  in the area where we lived.  Some of us were happy that there wasn’t any power , some were sad as the National television would telecast the most happening things around the world on that day, some of us oblivious to the fact that power made a difference to our lives.

I was always fascinated by the absence of power and the return of it as well.

The absence of power meant that I could light candles, make animal shadows on walls with my fingers against the candle light, and have conversations with siblings about the various insects that the candle light would attract. In short, be carefree yet be responsible, be relaxed yet persistent in prayer to invoke the Gods to allow the return of power (Trust me, we were conditioned to do that, until we de-conditioned ourselves with logic 🙂 )

The return of power for me meant getting back to doing homework, getting back to being diligent. It signified to me of seeing things as they are, rather than how I imagined them to be during the absence of power.  It was like a jolt which grounded me back to reality!

Little did I realize that I had locked away this memory in the treasure chest for a while.

In a way glad that life offers timely jolts and not just gentle reminders about the essence of ‘power’ of different forms in our lives.

The only difference this time is that  the jolts aren’t just only on Fridays!


One thought on “Timely jolts

  1. Oh my! this is more than just inspired, Sush. This is _felt_.

    Power needs to fail to prevent empty dams from plunging us into extended darkness. Power needs to fail in small, but regular bursts to allow us the time to contemplate and figure out how to keep the dam full. Power needs to fail to bring to our attention how the candle almost never fails and serves as a reliable support irrespective of the water level in the dam. Power needs to fail to make us find alternative power sources – rechargeable lamp, anyone?

    Power needs to fail for us to appreciate light when it comes back on. 🙂

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