Listing out few things/moments that is nothing but sheer happiness .

Happiness =

  • glowing sunrise
  • the gentle breeze
  • trees in various hues
  • smile on the face of a street urchin
  • first drops of rain
  • hot glass of cutting chai
  • hugs from friends
  • walking barefoot on dew laden grass
  • building sand castles
  • sounds of the waves
  • exploring how things work
  • good conversations
  • happy people
  • gratifying work day
  • getting to know a friend better
  • challenges conquered
  • a lovely read
  • a beautiful film
  • moments with self
  • ….
Will keep adding to the list and updating this post.
In the meanwhile would love to hear from the readers their list of happiness moments in day-to day lives.
So, let  the comments pour in !