Adios 2011

Dear 2011,Begin to hope.

Adios !

You  will always be remembered with great fondness.

You gave me precious moments with loved ones which I shall cherish forever.

Gifted me new friends.

Ushered in joys anew.

Showed me the other facet of life – Death & Closure.

Gave me the joy of knowing new life and fresh beginnings.

Every day was a new start

a new experience

a new learning

Thank you for helping me ‘find’ myself ūüôā

Yours truly!


a point in the making….

a question that keeps coming back to my mind – why is the process of letting go so difficult for most of us and why are we so hell bent on proving a point …is it important to be right all the time?

is it not okay¬† even if we are *right* to let the the other person *win* …what would happen…would there be catastrophe?

we are talking about humans relations here and not terrorists of any kind.

what is convenient and right for one individual¬† in a given circumstance many not be¬† the same for another person…but does that mean one would keep spewing venom of anger and give it back to the person in some form of verbal debate or the other.

it just puts me off  when I have  to interact with such individuals who innately believe that they are *listening* to what others have to say, but are busy preparing the response in their head during a conversation.

tough to be a spectator to such a waste of intelligence which wants to prove itself  repeatedly and seeks constant approval. What a  pity to see that how few intelligent souls fail to handle  *criticism* well.

had heard a wise friend mention, ”¬† People will throw garbage at you. Don’t try to¬† be like Jonty Rhodes at that point.”

Does it matter what kind of criticism it was, aren’t we as adults mature enough to take what we should and leave what we don’t think is needed for us?

Why do few of us still want to prove a point or for that matter prove *whatever* ?

what we fail to understand is that a point made is just a point  and not the whole story.

what intrigues me further is the mind…which wants to have everything perfect.

when it comes to living life ,isn’t the concept of *perfect*¬† similar to that of *beauty* which lies in the eyes of the beholder, in this case in the mind of the person living their own life.

Why is it necessary that the way an individual’s concept of perfection in living life has to be the same for another person?

Ironically, adults fail to realise that they may not say this in all those words , but their actions and reactions to things give it away. No amount of camouflage works here!!

As a wise sage puts it, “For every step, the previous phase has to be dissolved. One phase dissolves to give space for other. It is evolutionary”

Sincerely wishing for the evolution of these intelligent minds to become mature minds.

forgiving is far more gratifying then proving a point !


As each day passes by, my belief that every book you read has a greater purpose and happens to you only when the time is right ,has strengthened by the day. Same goes for a song …you hold on to few of them …the others just pass by ..isn’t this the same with people in our lives as well ??