a point in the making….

a question that keeps coming back to my mind – why is the process of letting go so difficult for most of us and why are we so hell bent on proving a point …is it important to be right all the time?

is it not okay  even if we are *right* to let the the other person *win* …what would happen…would there be catastrophe?

we are talking about humans relations here and not terrorists of any kind.

what is convenient and right for one individual  in a given circumstance many not be  the same for another person…but does that mean one would keep spewing venom of anger and give it back to the person in some form of verbal debate or the other.

it just puts me off  when I have  to interact with such individuals who innately believe that they are *listening* to what others have to say, but are busy preparing the response in their head during a conversation.

tough to be a spectator to such a waste of intelligence which wants to prove itself  repeatedly and seeks constant approval. What a  pity to see that how few intelligent souls fail to handle  *criticism* well.

had heard a wise friend mention, ”  People will throw garbage at you. Don’t try to  be like Jonty Rhodes at that point.”

Does it matter what kind of criticism it was, aren’t we as adults mature enough to take what we should and leave what we don’t think is needed for us?

Why do few of us still want to prove a point or for that matter prove *whatever* ?

what we fail to understand is that a point made is just a point  and not the whole story.

what intrigues me further is the mind…which wants to have everything perfect.

when it comes to living life ,isn’t the concept of *perfect*  similar to that of *beauty* which lies in the eyes of the beholder, in this case in the mind of the person living their own life.

Why is it necessary that the way an individual’s concept of perfection in living life has to be the same for another person?

Ironically, adults fail to realise that they may not say this in all those words , but their actions and reactions to things give it away. No amount of camouflage works here!!

As a wise sage puts it, “For every step, the previous phase has to be dissolved. One phase dissolves to give space for other. It is evolutionary”

Sincerely wishing for the evolution of these intelligent minds to become mature minds.

forgiving is far more gratifying then proving a point !



As each day passes by, my belief that every book you read has a greater purpose and happens to you only when the time is right ,has strengthened by the day. Same goes for a song …you hold on to few of them …the others just pass by ..isn’t this the same with people in our lives as well ??

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp & Jasmine

the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp from the Arabian nights always fascinated me as it took Aladdin to another place whenever he wanted(sometimes where he had to) and could still comeback to familiar surroundings . All this ,thanks to his magic lamp and the loyal genie…. Jasmine did tag along at times.

related more to Jasmine ….as she would be in awe, sometimes confused and at times bewildered by the different places and situations she was in..but at the end…the journey and exploration would be worthwhile

my shift from classroom teaching to curriculum development to training teachers and defining how teachers could use technology in classroom and how the whole learning community can stay connected with technology and add more value to the educational process and now landed in a place where I am surrounded by technology .

but what strings all of them together is the goal to create a difference in the way education is delivered.

needed to be on this roller coaster ride to understand and figure out that even in my very first teaching assignment what excited me was not the content but the methods of delivery and the challenge that there weren’t any “fixed textbook” from which I had to teach “chapters” . there was only a “framework” which one had to follow.

almost a decade now since I first stepped into the big world of education…what keeps me going is the dynamic nature of the way curriculum can be delivered.

friends , family and well-wishers were perplexed when I decided to plunge into making a career in education technology.

thanks to “gut instinct” or what I call my “forward thinking mind” realised that I wouldn’t be happy doing the same things day in an out that had zero challenge and where the intellectual growth would stagnate.

glad that I decided to use the”magic lamp” and “the magic carpet” and start of on the journey into the world of educational technology.

almost three months now on this journey and have been learning a new aspect of technology almost every single day and the beauty is how all of these can come together to serve goal i.e.to Educate.

yes..the challenges are many..but the ‘will’ to overcome them is way too high!

moments of delight

daily mundane routine.

‘Travel’ – nothing dramatically different for most office goers  in the city .

for me, another normal office goer,each day is different.

some days travel to work happens on a “cost saving” mode…the privilege of a company bus !

it has its moments of delight… early start for the work day….casual youth talk…sleepy heads…chomp chomp chomp noises of crispy khakras being chewed….games on the return journey…and returning back home on time !

most days travel to work happens on “personal time” extending mode…the autoride !

it has its moments of sheer pleasure….chatting with friends…sms to family…and the most fascinating part…. the lush green patch .

a country road in a city!

the trees on both sides of the roads seem to bend forward in a gentle embrace.

the gentle breeze seems to whisper sweet nothings in the ears of the farm animals.

the thick foliage …a perfect cover for the  migratory birds.

the calm and still lake …a stark contrast to the passing vehicles.

the open fields ….caressing the hills

the mud houses and kids who are still kids and not wannabe adults.

a quaint temple…with a sole pujari

the winding road seems to call the unknown traveller.

these are my moments of delight while  travelling on a road less travelled by!

and as they rightly say….for a traveller the journey is more important than the destination !

the learning never stops

meandering thoughts.

frenzy of people.

crazy lifestyles.

entangled relations.

confused emotions.

productive work.

difficult realisations.

happy moments.

tough decisions.

innovative ideas.

pleasures of life.

the only constant and continuous ingredient that binds all of it together…. learning!

the quest


logged on to the office infoweb today…and right there flashed today’s quote for the day:-

Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends on the tides of mind- Alice  Meynell

that got me thinking….

what is happiness? and what is that makes the human mind happy?

too many replies surfacing in my head…so asked others what makes them happy….


chocolates… hubby… kids… books…sunrise… sleep… food… friends… family…

but the resounding essence of all the answers  was revolving  around the SELF(a very dear friend’s definition of SELF.. Supreme Evocation of Life Force)

pop up (oh there comes the questioning mind!)

what is self?  or should i ask who is this ‘self’…:)

why do we give so much importance to ‘self’ ?

how does manage this ‘self’ manage to control the happiness meter of our lives….

the duality in the nature of an individual arises when one alienates the Self with the other Self…( am I rambling…)

the ‘self’ is the EGO…the other ‘real self’ is YOU (hmm ..interesting)

in the quest to identify the ‘real self’  we walk through the journey ,striving to fulfill the never-ending demands of the ‘self’.

the search for happiness goes on…be it the ‘self’ or the ‘real self’

beginning a journey…

the most difficult part of any journey is to take that first step!

after much contemplation (read as push and shove from friends and well wishers:) taken that first step to put my thoughts out on the web.( gosh …that seems like a whole world out there assessing analysing , scrutinising what i write…:)

my apprehensions vis-à-vis blogging…what will they thinkshe writes so horriblydoes  she even know what writing is?… whole load of crap….she has a perspective to  everything….what difference will it make even if i write or not…who cares..who would read and bother give a feedback???

but somewhere today realised an important fact…procastination and fear of the unknown is the biggest demon one has to overcome.

so beginning a journey ….

a journey of the unknown…

a journey to conquer the demons!

few questions that arise in mind… ( you ask too many questions ..)

may be i will just let them be…for this one time . 

 And as Frost said…

Two roads diverged in a wood

and I – I took the one less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference