Just around the corner

Each dawn I embark upon this journey.
The journey of my eternal hunt for happiness.

Today it took me for a walk
pounds i thought i would shed,
stress i thought that would melt
with the distance that i traverse on the path.

Spurts of speed and brisk
spaced with some slow down
is what the guideline said.

we humans follow guidelines to the tee, don’t we?

breathe in, breathe out
the final lap of the walk.

Today with each breathe i savoured something more than clean air.
the giggle of a street urchin
the smile of a mother
the laughter of the Gen Old
the rustle of the leaves
the dew on the grass
the whiff from the flowers.

Today, did the journey  get over even before it started?
Did I just end my hunt today ?

I suppose, it usually waits for me each day
Just around the corner!


baby steps

the journey of life begins with one taking ‘baby steps’  towards ‘growing up’!

but once you are a ‘grown-up’ , the concept of baby steps seem to dissolve in the crazy frenzy of a hectic life.

there comes a time when you pause and stop,then turn around and see that you have a come a long way.

Little did you realise that there were many other tiny paths which you missed while you were on the sprint.

the road is still long and unwinding.

the slopes are steep, the bumps are many.

isn’t  it time to ask… is there where you really want to go?

may be…just may be you need to tread a different path , explore a newer route , enjoy the journey  rather than worry about reaching the destination…you never know, may be these ‘baby steps’ that you take, leads to an unimagined newer pasture !