Things ‘just happen’

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I belong to that school of thought which strongly believes that,

There are no good or bad people. There are only incompatible individuals.”

This no where presumes that an individual’s actions may not cause hurt to another individual. ( Let’s leave terrorists and criminals out of this conversation..I am talking about human beings like you and međŸ™‚

What is most important here is that the intention behind the action was not one which had an agenda for causing hurt or pain to the other individual.

I am told that the hurt or pain ‘just happens’ due to expectations .

Agree, that the root cause for most moments of hurt  is ‘expectations’.

But, never really understood how things ‘just happen’.

Every action is initiated by a thought, and when a thought arises one has the option either to exercise the thought into an action or let the thought be.

The moment we choose to exercise either of the two , we are making a conscious choice and things are not ‘just happening’. We have chosen to respond to the situation a particular manner.

During a conversation session a friend had stated something very powerful, which resurfaces each day in my mind.He had stated that responsibility is “the ability to respond”.

The question that I face today is –

How am I going to respond when things ‘just happen’ ?